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Why drink Ionized water?

Tyent WaterAlkaline water is very beneficial to your body, but its benefits depend on having the purest drinking water possible.

Tyent Water Ionizers have two filters, which allows for a customizable, multi-stage system designed to cleanse your unique tap water of impurities. The Ultra filters offer purification that is equal to those found in kidney dialysis machines.

Tyent is still the ONLY machine with the largest Solid/Mesh Hybrid plates and enough power to produce super water* without chemicals.THe need for a UV light is eliminated with our antibacterial technology (ABT), which has the ability to kill potentially harmful microorganisms and other living bacteria found in regular tap water. This ABT automated cleaning cycle is triggered by both a timer and an internal sensor to ensure minimal mineral scale buildup on the electrodes for long-term performance. Better cleaning means longer lasting components and healthier water.

Since water quality can change based on your source water, Tyent gives you 55 adjustable power settings. This means that no matter where you live, Tyent has the flexibility to give you the perfect glass of ionized water every time.

Investing in a water ionizer not only positively impacts your body but also helps our environment by eliminating the need to constantly buy bottled water. Tyent Water is also much more cost effective since on average it costs six cent per glass.

All Tyent Turbo units offer sophisticated touch screens, easy enough for children, seniors and everyone in between to operate with a single touch. Tyent offers countertop models and space-saving under-the-counter faucets that have a beautiful chrome finish. So no matter your style, Tyent Water Ionizers will fit seamlessly in your kitchen.

*Super water means that our 9-plate units have a range of 2.0 to 12.0 on the pH scale, while our 11-plate water ionizers have a range of 1.7 to 12.0 on the pH scale. On the low end of the scale (2.3 to 3.5 pH) works as an antiseptic and can be used as an all-natural sanitizer on surface. On the high end of this scale, water with pH or 10 and higher is great to use for removing oil-based herbicides and pesticides from fruits and vegetables, for removing stains and for cooking.